Meet Carey, our Colorado State Sales Manager who we call CPG. Talk about truly living the brand, Carey embodies “balance” by spreading the love of KEEL throughout the great state of Colorado, going to countless events, taking care of his 3 dogs, and packing in fitness through early morning runs, snowboarding and hiking. 

How do you find balance between work and everything else?
Balance can be hard to find sometimes but it’s important for me because it fuels my energy throughout the day. I balance by making time for early morning runs, longboarding, and hiking 14-ers! In the winter I’m snowboarding as much as I can.

So you feel that by staying active you feel more balanced?
Yea for sure. Staying active for me throughout my week makes it possible to go out on the weekends.

What do you think of KEEL?
KEEL is the sessionable ingredient in my cocktails that allows me to hang at the party later! the record. What do you think about KEEL? Hahaha I’m not joking. It really is what I drink. There’s just a lot of times where I enjoy relaxing and hanging with friends while having a cocktail but I don’t want to get crazy.

Ok...ok. So what does “Stay Balanced” mean to you?
It’s really just about making time for myself. To me, having a busy’s key to find balance with everyday life and making time for myself in the mountains.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Living a balanced life