Founder of Fitness Brand, Kick It By Eliza

Tell us how balance plays a role in your life?
My passion of connecting and empowering people through wellness encourages me to practice what I preach. I teach Kick It, a 13 round fitness method I developed that is not only an ass kicking, but ends with a meditative cool down. I designed the experience this way because I deeply believe in balancing the work of body and mind. This translates into my everyday life and I strive to put a little balance back into the lives of my students as well.

How do you cope with the challenges of maintaining a good life balance?
As an an entrepreneur, setting aside time for myself and enjoying my days off can be a challenge. Especially when I know there is so much to be done with my business. I maintain work-life balance in two main ways: lately I've made recharging a priority, scheduling a free weekend or vacation in advance with the goal of making time for myself. Secondly, I invite my favorite brands, like KEEL, to collaborate and support what we do. This allows my work to stay fresh, exciting, and genuinely aligned with what I believe in. 

What does staying balanced mean to you?
Balance is the key to happiness...KEEL makes it a little easier to get there!

Living a balanced life