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Meet Kaylee Baggerly, mother of 1 with one on the way, consultant and founder of Balancing by Design.

Hi Kaylee, thanks for taking the time. So let’s start out and let us know what you do for a living?
Thanks for having me! I am a manager at a big consulting firm where I help clients manage change during large implementations, mergers, acquisitions or other strategic initiatives. I also own my own influencer blog, coaching and consulting business where I help mommas transitioning back into the workplace have the products, resources and experiences to do so; I help market what can help, help them prepare their resumes, search for jobs and even consult momma businesses on how to launch and get the word out about them!

Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Sounds like a lot. And you’re a Mom yourself, right?
Yes, we have a beautiful daughter now and another baby on the way. We’re thrilled!

That’s wonderful to hear! Congratulations!! Sounds like you have your hands full. Do you have any pets as well?
Ha! Yes we do. We have two dogs and 1 cat.

So you have a job in consulting, started your own company on the side, have a daughter with another child on the way, and have two dogs and one cat. Sounds like a lot to balance.

Yea, I'm a working mom, and with a hubby who travels, mostly a single parent Monday - Fridays. I am passionate about being the best mommy & wife & friend I can be, building my side-business Balancing By Design, working on my corporate consulting career, and staying healthy. That's a lot of things. I recognize that I can't do every single one of them well every single minute of the day so I work hard to prioritize what I can do every day, every week or month and every year. I also am working on celebrating accomplishments and being patient on those achievements. These passions motivate me to find ways to outsource, to ask for help, and to take the wins I can, when I can.

So how do you do it? How do you stay balanced?

I try to give myself grace knowing I can have everything but NOT everything at the SAME time. So I am working towards enjoying what I have now and prioritizing what I need vs what is extra for right now. I also plan out yearly goals and right down my goals, as if I achieved them, every day to help me stay on track.

How does our “Stay Balanced” message resonate with you?

"Stay Balanced" is my life motto. As long as you're clear with your goals for yourself, you can have most everything... just not all at once. With Keel Vodka, you can have a great night with your friends or family and still be ready to keep on track with your life goals the next morning. "Staying Balanced" is about moderation and being OK with what you can have now and what you might need to wait to have later...without the guilt!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Sure thing. Folks can follow along on instagram at @kayleemariebaggerly Thanks!

Living a balanced life