1.5 oz KEEL Vodka
6 oz of your favorite soda water




Fresh lime, lemon or other complimentary fruit squeezed

58 calories, 60 with a squeeze of fruit.

Who doesn’t love this refreshing and timeless classic. At only 58 calories of refreshing relaxation you can enjoy this guilt free and as a bonus it’s super easy to make.


  1. Just grab your favorite soda water (we enjoy Waterloo Sparkling Water) and mix with KEEL.

  2. Bonus if you have a piece of fruit that compliments the flavor of your sparkling water of choice.

We wish we could celebrate #nationalpotatoday 🥔 everyday!  Sometimes we don’t slow down to appreciate all the work that goes into making KEEL the truly impressive spirit that it is.  KEEL Vodka is an American made, single source, farm to bottle spirit that’s made by hand from a master distiller with more gold medals than he can wear at once.  So let’s cheers to both the hard work and expertise that goes into our vodka as well as the delicious potatoes that make it possible!

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