Know what you drink


When we started KEEL we made three promises to ourselves: 

  1. To use the best ingredients we could find.

  2. To be transparent about what is in KEEL. We are proud to be the first spirit to have a nutrition label on our bottle.

  3. To always make time for fun along our journey of building the company; staying true to the brand.

23.8% ALC/VOL

Typical vodka is 40% alcohol by volume. At KEEL, we dare to be different, and in making the world’s first premium light vodka, we chose to distill our vodka to just the right amount of alcohol: 23.8%. Why? Too much alcohol can overpower the palate. At 23.8% our flavor profile is at its peak, providing you the best tasting and smoothest vodka on the market.  

0 Sugar, 0 Carbs, only 58 Calories

Do you know how much sugar is in some vodkas? Neither did we until we started looking into it. We were shocked to find out that some flavored vodkas can contain upwards of 6 grams of sugar per ounce!

Gluten Free

We use the very best ingredients we can find. Instead of doing what most vodkas do; distilling their vodka with imported wheat, we make KEEL Vodka with 100% non-GMO certified locally sourced Idaho potatoes. This not only makes our vodka Gluten Free, but we also think the flavor profile of KEEL Vodka is the best out there.

Rocky Mountain water

KEEL Vodka is distilled using the very best water, sourced straight from the Rocky Mountains through an aquifer that runs under our distillery.

Seriously smooth…

Our favorite cocktails