Lead Spin Instructor at @highridecycle

Tell us about how your passions motivate you to stay balanced?
I am so passionate about overall wellness, and I'm always promoting this on social media. My social media accounts kind of hold me accountable. Because I'm passionate about fitness and wellness, it makes it easy to live a balanced life!

Explain how you strive to achieve balance in your life?
Every single day I choose to exercise and eat in a way that honors my body, but I ALWAYS tune into how I'm feeling. By listening to my body, I'm able to make healthy decisions for it, and sometimes that looks like REST instead of exercise, or a BROWNIE instead of celery with almond butter. Balance is about experiencing all that this life has to offer, and saying YES more often than NO. I say YES to things that make me happy, and sometimes that's a beer, other times it's a long walk with a friend. I believe that by living a balanced life, I'm able to have the most dynamic experience on this earth - with people, foods, drinks, fitness, the outdoors, etc.

How does “Stay Balanced” resonate with you?
My life is about balance. ENJOY everything - whether it's a giant cookie sandwich or a salad with wild-caught salmon. ENJOY health, your social life, gluten, dairy-free ice cream, the outdoors and all things in between. By doing this, you'll live your best life.

Have you tried KEEL? What was it like?

Yes. My roommate brought KEEL Vodka home and I LOVED how it was a lower alcohol percentage so I could enjoy it longer. And honestly, I felt healthier while drinking it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Please check out my Instagram! That really speaks to who I am and will give you all the best idea of what my content would look like if we worked together. @raeehly

Living a balanced life