Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Why create light vodka?
If you’ve ever had a light beer you‘ll understand the need for KEEL. Light beer dominates the beer market from Bud Light to Sam Adams Light and now Session beers. KEEL addresses this same desire for the cocktail drinker. A lighter vodka means staying at the party longer, enjoying the company your with and not feeling regretful the next day. KEEL is the cocktail for those who choose to stay balanced.

What is KEEL?
Introducing KEEL Vodka, a new premium light spirit that is refreshingly smooth with just the right amount of calories, taste, and alcohol so it is easy to drink straight or on the rocks.

Is KEEL gluten free?
Our 100% Idaho Russet Potato offering is labeled gluten free and non-GMO. It is safe to recommend to all consumers.

What does premium light spirit mean?
A vodka of unparalleled quality and smoothness at 23.8% alcohol by volume.

How does it compare to typical vodka?
KEEL is completely smooth from first sip to last. It doesn’t carry the harsh bite that most vodka’s do. Also, most traditional vodka is 40% alcohol by volume. KEEL is more balanced at 23.8% allowing you to stay at the party longer.

How many calories are in KEEL?
KEEL is only 58 calories/ 1.5 oz serving, the lightest spirit on the market.

How many calories are in typical vodka?
Kettle, Grey Goose and Belvedere average about 115 calories for the same serving of KEEL.

What is a serving?
We measure KEEL at 1.5 oz. (what a typical bartender would pour into a single cocktail). Other vodka’s measure at only 1 oz.

Where is KEEL vodka made?
The team behind KEEL were born and raised in RI and the idea for the vodka grew here. Our vodka is distilled in Idaho near Sun Valley where the climate and soil are ideal for harvesting wheat, corn and potatoes. Born in RI and 100% made in the USA with the very best ingredients America has to offer.

What is it made from?
KEEL is made from 100% non-GMO certified Idaho Russet Potatoes.

Why not distill it in New England?
The climate and quality of raw ingredients in Idaho are ideal for producing KEEL.

Is KEEL organic?
KEEL is not labeled certified organic.

Why does the bottle say with natural flavor?
KEEL Vodka is not flavored vodka. However, KEEL contains something proprietary that adds to the smoothness and drinkability of our vodka. It’s our little secret.

Where can I buy KEEL?
KEEL is available in RI, MA, CT, ME, CO, NH, OH, GA, IN, TX, NY & FL.

What does KEEL cost?
A 750ml bottle of KEEL costs between $19.99 and $24.99 depending on location What sizes is KEEL available in? KEEL is available in 50ml, 750ml, 1L and 1.75L bottles.

Who is your distributor?
MS Walker in RI, MA, NY, NH, and ME. Brescome Barton in CT. Republic National Distribution Company (RNDC) in FL, GA, CO, IN, OH, and TX.

Can you ship KEEL?
Unfortunately we can’t ship KEEL over state lines at this time.

When will you be in my state?
Check out the Find KEEL section of our website or follow us (@keelvodka) on social media for the most up to date news of where you can find KEEL next.

Can you send me stuff?
KEEL has some pretty great gear if we do say so ourselves, but we reserve our gear and our logo for brand representatives and our best fans who come out to our events. Come find us!

Does KEEL have social media?
Yes, KEEL is on Facebook, twitter, instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Join us @KEELVodka