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Meet Ashley Francis, the medical device sales rep who turned entrepreneur and followed her dreams to start TURN Studio in Atlanta, GA.

Hi Ashley, thanks for being here with us and sharing your story. So tell us…what inspired you to launch TURN Studio?
Thanks for having me! Yes, it’s been quite the journey. I used to be in Medical Device Sales doing pretty well for myself. That job eventually led me to move to San Diego. This was back in 2015 and boutique fitness classes were just starting to gain popularity. I fell in love with spin after my first class. After that I took as many classes as I could every week; networking with instructors and studio owners. I loved it! After some time, the idea of opening my own studio kept popping up in my head. I couldn’t shake it. But I wanted to do it in Atlanta where I grew up. So in July 2017, I moved home to Atlanta. My flight landed at 6:30a and I immediately met with my investor to go tour the building where TURN calls home today.

Congratulations! That’s incredible. So being a business owner now, I’m sure you’re able to really live a balanced life?
(Chuckles.) No, well, today I’ve found ways to incorporate ‘balance’ in to my life but the word ‘balance’ didn’t exist in my life for the first year of starting TURN. None! I was always planning, networking, hiring great team members, training, joining as many community positions as possible to weave the brand into the community while giving back. When you’re starting a company you’re constantly on. We had to build everything from scratch.

How about today? It sounds like maybe there’s more balance in your life?

So about 2 months after we opened the doors to TURN I had a panic attack. It was at that point when I realized that I had to change and add more balance into the my life in order to succeed.

You needed balance in your life to succeed. Can you expand on that?
Sure! When you’re constantly on the go, and don’t give yourself any balance you don’t have anything to give to people. As the owner, I have to give people all my energy and in my classes I have to amp people up! Finding time for me allows me to replenish my cup back up so I have something to give to my clients and my team.

Makes sense. So what things give you ‘balance’? How do you stay balanced?

I think balance means something different for everyone but for me I enjoy family time the most. Spending time with my nieces, friends, and catching a Clemson football game with my Dad. And also working out myself. I’m constantly taking different fitness classes to find new forms of inspiration.

How does our “Stay Balanced” message resonate with you?

Balance is essential to a happy life. If you don’t schedule time for yourself every single day you can’t give your best to what you’re pursuing.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Sure thing. You can follow TURN at @turn_atl And if you’re ever in the area please stop by, say hi, and take a class. Thanks!

Living a balanced life