Krista is from Massachusetts and balances it all as a speech pathologist and CrossFit coach.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, our dog, Bailey...she’s a puggle and the sweetest most affectionate dog you’ll ever meet.

Aww. We love dogs! Does owning a dog help you find balance?
Yea, haha, when Bailey greets me when I come home it’s like everything is ok. Even after a tough day. It definitely helps. Having a dog also makes you take moments to relax.

Explain how you strive to achieve balance in your life?
As somewhat of a health and fitness nut, I definitely always struggle with going out for drinks versus staying home and saving the calories. I also have Celiac disease, so half the time I would drink, it would not sit well with my body! Since finding KEEL to drink, I don’t feel guilty and I never feel sick! I can finally socialize and not feel like I’m canceling out my healthy lifestyle!

Sounds like you’re finding your balance? Tell us about what motivates you to stay balanced?
I have a passion for fitness and healthy living. Being passionate about those things only makes it easier to live the type of lifestyle. I know I am taking care of my body and won’t regret too many of my decision later down the road!

What does “Stay Balanced” mean to you?
Everyone needs to balance work and play. Otherwise you start to drag. I feel that KEEL is the best option for that because it is the perfect balance of health and fun. You can drink KEEL without being worried about calories or feeling sick and hungover the next day! And everyone knows you still have to get up and go to the gym after a night out!

Living a balanced life